Библиография фантастики: 1989

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Celtic historical fantasy about a young Celt who travels from ancient Ireland into the western seas searching for the Viking raiders who killed his father.

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Humorous sword and sorcery novel; a first novel. (Fantasy).

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1988 -> Unicorn and Dragon, Vol. II: Conquest.

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Literary fantasy novel. The ancient night sky reappears during the excavation of a neolithic grave in Dorset and other strange things happen.

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SFBC # 14643.

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Australian literary novel set in a near-future utopia.

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Fantasy novel set in the contemporary South and a fantastic world accessible through a door on the hero's property.

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Alternate-history time-travel sf novel.

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Sf novel featuring a telepathic expert in human/alien encounters, sequel to Sentience..

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Fantasy novel about the Titans. Sequel to Lord of the Crooked Paths.

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Young-adult collection; 13 tales of the supernatural.

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Collection of 15 young-adult stories.

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Collection of eight stories by Aiken written around fantastic paintings by Pienkowski.

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Humorous sf novel, a fan parody of Doctor Who, Star Trek and The Wizard of Oz. This has been published in amateur press editions, but this is its first official publication.

Albano Peter. Attack of the Seventh Carrier. – Zebra, 1989. – 400 pp. – (Seventh Carrier. 3). (pb) ISBN 0-8217-2842-3.
Military adventure novel with sf elements. A WWII Japanese supercarrier thawed out of Arctic ice saves the world from WWIII.

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Sf novel about the overthrow of a matriarchal society. A first novel.

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Collection of nine stories and five «enigmas».

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SF collection.

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Collection of 22 stories.

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SFBC # 14708.

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Marvellous collection of 26 stories that Aldiss loosely labels as fantasy.

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Young adult alternate-world Victorian adventure novel.

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Fantasy novel.

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Young-adult fantasy novel.

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Regency romance/ghost novel. A ghost must do penance for a wicked life by easing the way for mortal lovers.

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Regency romance with a real ghost.

Alternative Empires / Ed. by Martin Harry Greenberg, Gregory Benford. – Bantam, 1989. – (What Might Have Been. 1).

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Original anthology of six alternate history stories.

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Children's fantasy – the adventures of Alice and the White Rabbit in Australia.

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Voodoo horror novel. Unspeakable evil walks the streets of New Orlean during Mardi Gras. (Horror).

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Literary fantasy novel.

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Fantasy novel about a role playing game that refused to stay pretend. (Fantasy).

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Fantasy novel about a role-playing game that comes alive, sequel to Gamearth.

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Young-adult Celtic time-travel fantasy novel.

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Horror novel.

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Horror novel.

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Horror novel.

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Horror novel.

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Horror novel of a flesh-eating creature stalking young women in the suburbs.

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Bear Greg. Hegira. – Tor, 1989.

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11 stories.

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Original short story, with an introduction by Lewis Shiner.

Bishop Michael. A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire. – Kerosina, 1989.
This edition contains a new introduction by the author and an afterword by Ian Watson.

Bishop Michael. Within the Walls of Tyre. – Kerosina, 1989.
Screenplay of one of Bishop's better-known stories.

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Original anthology of 16 zombie stories set in the same universe as George Romero's «Night of the Living Dead». (Horror).

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Vampire/sf novel set on an Earth-colonized Martian frontier.

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Historical fantasy about the life of Hatshepsut. (Fantasy).

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Medieval fantasy about Glastonbury Tor. (Fantasy).

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Sf novelization of the «Battletech» game.

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Vampire horror novel; a first novel. This is intense, erotic, and truly nasty. (Horror).

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Quasi-Arthurian novel with sf elements, sequel to Fang the Gnome. (Fantasy).

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Sf novel about demonic aliens trapped in a planetless system and released by Earthmen.

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A first novel, about monstrous evil lurking at the bottom of a lake. (Horror).

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Near-future thriller. (Thriller).

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Time-travel sf novel about a composer in the 1990s who goes back in time to steal the compositions of the «near-greats» of music.

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Associational; retelling of Provencal tales and fables by the author of the «Borribles» books. (Tales).

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Novel based on the legend of the Jersey Devil. (Horror).

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Sf novel set in a nomadic civilization on an alien world.

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Ellison Harlan. Footsteps. – Footsteps Press, 1989.
Short story originally published in Gallery, with an introduction and footnotes by the author. The complete introduction and preface appear here for the first time. Illustrated by Ken Snyder, this is a signed, numbered, 582-copy limited edition.

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Apache ghosts that crave human blood haunt a West Texas cave. (Horror).

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Fantasy round-robin series by various authors. The cover credit reads «Created be Bill Fawcett». The authors' names (Diane Duane & Peter Morwood) are on the back in much smaller print. (Fantasy).

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Sf novel of genetically altered humans on an alien world.

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Sf novel about a mutating worldwide plague that causes intelligence and speech in monkeys.

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Original anthology of nine stories set in Adams' «Horseclans» universe.

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Collection of essays of peripheral interest. (Non-fiction).

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Comic sf novel, sequel to Waiting for the Galactic Bus.

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Young adult fantasy novelization. (Fantasy).

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Young adult fantasy novelization. (Fantasy).

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Romance novel with a psychic heroine set in 18th-century England.

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Collection of 18 stories set in West Virginia. (Horror).

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Norse fantasy novel, sequel to Song of the Dwarves. (Fantasy).

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Guide to being a Game Master in role-playing games by the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. (Fantasy).

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The Time Commandos and Doctor Lemuel Gulliver battle the Lilliputians.

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Children's movie tie-in novelization, with pictures from the film.

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Collection of 12 horror and fantasy stories from Australia. (Horror).

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Horror novel about a woman whose nightmares have an unfortunate tendency to come true. (Horror).

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[Казанцев Александр. Гибель Фаэны]

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Sf novel about pampered far-future man facing hostile alien invaders.

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Novel about an American writer on a mission for the Olympian gods. (Fantasy).

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Collection of essays and book reviews. (Non-fiction).

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Sf/fantasy collection, including eight original stories and a brief introduction by the author to each piece.

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Romantic fantasy novel set in an alternate-world old Russia.

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Science fiction novelization, first book in a new round robin series based on Asimov's «Robot» stories, with illustrations by Paul Rivoche.

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Military sf novel set in a space fighter squadron.

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Original shared-world anthology of two long novellas by Dean Ing and Pournelle & Stirling, set in Niven's «Known Space».

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Fantasy novel about a young boy raised by eagles for a special mission. (Fantasy).

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Novel of the Vietnam War with significant fantasy elements, based on McAllister's Hugo and Nebula Award-nominated novella of the same title.

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Associational guide to splatter films, mostly fantasy/horror, with still and over four hundred short reviews. (Non-fiction).

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Fantasy novel about a barbarian woman with a thirst for vengeance.

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Romantical sf novel about interstellar war.

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Alternate history sf novel. Political intrigue in a 20th-century Roman empire.

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A pleasant surprise after «The Dragon in the Sword», this volume recreates the style and verve of the original Elric books. (Fantasy).

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Anthology of speculative writing that includes prose works, drama, poetry (mostly), a filmscript and an interview. Contributors include Ray Bradbury, Thomas M. Disch, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Bruce Boston. (Speculative Writing).

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Children's fantasy art/humor book, similar to the authors' earlier hit, Gnomes.

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Horror, a New Orleans vampire novel.

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Offworld sf novel. An exploration team accidentally kills a native and must stay and try to make it right.

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Horror novel about a creature that consumes men's souls.

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Horror novel of a carnivorous creature that lives in a junkyard menacing children.

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Military sf novel, part of the «Falkenberg» series. Expanded from earlier short stories..

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Humorous fantasy novel. This time the Discworld goes Egyptian, with the occasional side-swipe at the ancient Greeks and Trojans. Marvellous stuff, original as wlways. (Fantasy).

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Original anthology/quaterly magazine of 18 stories plus three non-fiction pieces. Contributors include Damon Knight, Robert Sheckley, and Algis Budrys.

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Satan possesses the Pope and a young girl in San Francisco. (Fantasy).

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Horror novel of a resurrected mummy in Victorian England. (Horror).

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Post-holocaust military sf novel.

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Интеркомъ. – 1993. – # 4.

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Sf novel of a dancer whose illness will no longer allow her to dance on Earth, set in the same universe as «Stardance».

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Anthology of two Hugo Award-winning novellas. The Tiptree also won the Nebula Award. These are wonderful, perceptive stories of conflict between disparate cultures, perfect companion pieces.

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Thriller with fantasy elements set in the 1930s. Refugees from the Spanish Civil War are searching for the spear that pierced Christ's side, which has occult powers. (Fantasy).

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Fantasy novel about Morgan Le Fay. (Fantasy).

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Prehistoric novel, part of a series created by the creators of «Wagons West». Another ongoing series from Book Creations Inc..

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Modern family caught up in an 18th-century pianist's curse.

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Utopian fantasy novel. In 1845, a hermit records his life in a secret utopian community deep in the heart of America. (Fantasy).

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Horror novel. A dragon is loose in the Southwest.

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Fantasy novel about the four horsewomen of the apocalypse invading a Pennsylvania town; Интеркомъ. – 1993. – # 4.

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Post-holocaust military sf novel.

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Medical sf thriller. A Catholic girl's miraculous powers and immaculate conception are caused by genetic experimentation. (Thriller).

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Sf novel about 21st-century vigilantes.

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Young adult horror novel of murder and vengeance from beyond the grave. (Horror).

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Itin, Vivian, 235, 250, 286; The Land of Gonguri, 174

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Young adult sf novel, part of a series packaged by the Butterfield Press. The «author» is a group.

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«A disturbing reworking of the Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde story».

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A discussion of Heinlein's work. (Non-fiction).

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[Колупаев Виктор. Настройщик роялей; Вдохновение; Ларионова Ольга. Планета, которая ничего не может дать; Абрамов Александр, Абрамов Сергей. Повесть о снежном человеке; Штерн Борис. Спасать человека (Необходимое дополнение к трем законам Азимова); Булычев Кир. Берегись колдуна!; Ксионжек Владислав. Мальчик, Старик и Собака; Якубовский Аскольд. Мефисто; Кантор Владимир. Пугач; Пухов Михаил. Контратака; Рыбаков Вячеслав. Художник; Другаль Сергей. У каждого дерева своя птица; Корабельников Олег. Башня птиц]

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Fantasy novel, the story of a young female witch in 18th-century England. (Fantasy).

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World Fantasy Award (1990). (Fantasy).

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Literary Arthurian fantasy novel, actually derived from Wagner's opera. (Fantasy).

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Sf alien invasion novel.

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Very literary collection of thirteen stories with some fantasy content. (Fantasy).

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Far-future postholocaust sf novel of pre-holocaust humans awakening to a world filled with mutations.

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Original anthology of 12 alternate history stories.


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