Библиография фантастики: 1991

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Fantasy novel. A guy from Baltimore must defeat an evil usurper in an alternate world.. (Fantasy).

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Novelization based on the «Ultima Saga» game.

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Fantasy novel of a young sorceress who joins forces with a prince protected by tree-magic against an evil wizard.

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Collection of literary sf, the first collection of Abe's short fiction.

Abella Alex. The Killing of the Saints / Cover by Corsillo, Manzone. – Crown, 1991. – 308 pp. (hc) ISBN 0-517-58509-X.
Occult detective novel that pits a Cubano court-appointed investigator against the murderous powers of Santeria.


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[Абрамов Александр, Абрамов Сергей. Всадники ниоткуда]

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Fantasy novel, fifth book of the «Runesword» series (each book is by a different author). (Fantasy).

Adair James. Deepcore / Cover by Yuji Kaida. – Berkley, 1991. – 280 pp. – (Deepcore. 1). (pb) ISBN 0-425-13029-0.
Sf technothriller of an undersea weapons research facility sabotaged by a high-tech enemy, first book of a series.

Adams Nicholas. Pep Rally. – Harper Paperbacks, 1991. – (Horror High. 7). (pb) ISBN 0-06-106084-4.
Young-adult horror novel.
[By Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald].

Adams Nicholas. Santa Claws. – Harper Paperbacks, 1991. – 187 pp. (pb) ISBN 0-06-106108-5.
Young-adult werewolf horror novel of a boy who realizes that he's changing when the moon is full and fears that he's responsible for the savage death of a local girl.

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Associational autobiography by a fantasy writer.

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Sf novel of a playwright missing in space for 100 years who returns to a different world.

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Collection of ghoulish cartoons.

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Collection of classic Charles Addams cartoons, both black and white and full-color, with an introduction by Wilfrid Sheed.

Ahern Jerry. The Survivalist: The Legend. – Zebra, 1991. – 383 pp. – (Super Survivalist). (pb) ISBN 0-8217-3271-4.
Post-holocaust adventure novel, un-numbered giant novel in the continuing series..

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Ghost story based on a famous haunted house.

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Collection of four stories, two poems and a letter issued in honour of Sam Lundwall's 50th birthday. Limited to 100 copies.

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Sf novel in which Joe Bodenland, hero of Frankenstein Unbound, joins forces with Bram Stoker to defeat a race of time-travelling vampires, led by Lord Dracula.

Aldiss Brian. Dracula Unbound / Cover by Christopher Zacharow. – Harper Collins, 1991. – 196 pp. (hc) ISBN 0-06-016593-6.
Time-travel sf novel of Bram Stoker and an inventor on a quest to prevent a future Earth from being overrun by vampires..

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Time-travel sf novel of Dracula and an inventor on a quest to prevent a future Earth from being overrun by vampires.

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SF short story of a man who disbelieves in his alien visitor.
Short Story paperback # 22.

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Ecological fantasy novel.

Aldridge Alan, Boyett Steven. The Gnole / Illustrated by Maxine Miller, Harry Willock. – Mandarin, 1991. – 503 pp. (tp) ISBN 0-7493-1354-4.
Ecological fantasy novel.

Aldridge Ray. The Emancipator, Book I: The Pharaon Contract / Cover by Paul Youll. – Bantam Spectra, 1991. – 290 pp. – (The Emancipator. 1). (pb) ISBN 0-553-29118-1.
SF novel, first book of a new series set on a planet used by an interstellar corporation as a breeding ground for slave labor. A first novel.

Alexander Lloyd. The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian / Cover by Michael Conway. – Dell Yearling, 1991. – 204 pp. (tp) ISBN 0-440-40549-1.

Alexander Lloyd. The Prydain Chronicles / Cover by Jody Lee; Illustrated by Margot Zemach. – SFBC, 1991. – 767 pp. – (Prydain). (hc). – (Chrronicles of Prydain).
Fantasy omnibus of the five books of the «Chronicles of Prydain» series, The Book of Three (Holt Rinehart 1964), The Black Cauldron (Holt Rinehart 1965), The Castle of Llyr (Holt Rinehart 1966), Taran Wanderer (Holt Rinehart 1967), and The High King (Holt Rinehart 1968) plus the collection of Prydain stories The Foundling and Other Tales of Prydain (Holt Rinehart 1973).
SFBC # 18531. (Fantasy).

Alexander Lloyd. The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen / Cover by Paul O. Zelinsky. – Dutton, 1991. – 273 pp. (hc) ISBN 0-525-44826-8.
Young-adult oriental fantasy novel about a boy prince in ancient China.

Alexander Marc. Shadow Realm / Cover by Stephen Bradbury. – Headline, 1991. – 438 pp. – (Wells of Ythan. 3). (pb) ISBN 0-7472-3027-7.
Fantasy novel.

Alexis Athena. Along Came a Spider. – Dell, 1991. – 322 pp. (pb) ISBN 0-440-20663-4.
Horror novel a la V.C. Andrews. A first novel.

Alguire Judith. Zeta Base / Cover by Pat Tong, Bonnie Liss. – Naiad Press, 1991. – 191 pp. (tp) ISBN 0-941483-94-0.
Lesbian SF novel of a far-future Earth where the sun is undergoing ominous changes. A first novel.

Allcock Phil. In Search of the Golden Sceptre / Cover by Vic Mitchell. – Phoenix, 1991. – 287 pp. – (Stories of the Realm. 2). (pb) ISBN 0-86065-907-0.
Young-adult fantasy novel.

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SFBC # 17930.

Allen Roger, Kotani Eric. Supernova. – Avon, 1991. – 345 pp. (pb) ISBN 0-380-76060-6.
Sf disaster thriller. A nearby white dwarf star goes supernova, and only one scientist realizes that it may mean the end of the world.

Allen Sheila. The Passionate Ghost. – Walker, 1991. – 200 pp. – (Lovers of Steadford Abbey. 4). (hc) ISBN 0-8027-1158-8.
Fantasy regency romance about a ghost who helps young lovers.

Allen William. Understanding Kurt Vonnegut. – University of South Carolina Press, 1991. – 192 pp. (hc) ISBN 0-87249-722-4.
Non-fiction, criticism. A book-by-book examination of Vonnegut's novels, plus a bibliography.

Alphin Elaine. Ghost Cadet / Cover by Julie Granaham. – Holt, 1991. – 182 pp. (hc) ISBN 0-8050-1614-7.
Young-adult fantasy novel. A boy makes friends with a ghostly Civil War soldier.

Amis Kingsley. The Green Man. – Academy Chicago, 1991. – 242 pp. (pb) ISBN 0-89733-220-2.
Novel involving satire, suspense, horror, and metaphysics. Tie-in edition for the BBC film.

Amis Kingsley. Memoirs. – Hutchinson, 1991.
Non-fiction, the autobiography of the British writer and critic, whose fiction and non-fiction works have included SF and fantasy.

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Near-future pre-apocalyptic literary fantasy novel.

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Literary SF novel about a man living backwards in time.

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Amis Martin. Time's Arrow / Cover by Chip Kidd. – Crown Harmony, 1991. – 168 pp. (hc) ISBN 0-517-58515-4.
Literary fantasy novel of a spectral alter ego trapped inside the body of a Nazi doctor who was at Auschwitz and forced to live his life backwards.

Anders Agnetha. Pleasurehouse 13. – Nexus, 1991. – 249 pp. – (Pleasurehouse. 1). (pb) ISBN 0-352-32805-3.
Erotica set in a stratified Britain in 2030.

Anderson Kevin, Beason Doug. The Trinity Paradox / Cover by Chris Hopkins. – Bantam Spectra, 1991. – 325 pp. (pb) ISBN 0-553-29246-3.
Time-travel sf novel of a modern activist given the opportunity to go back to the past and prevent the creation of nuclear weapons.

Anderson Poul. Alight in the Void / Introduction by Poul Anderson; Cover by Paul Chadwick. – Tor, 1991. – 242 pp. (pb) ISBN 0-812-50874-2.
Collection of five stories and a poem, all originally published in the '50s.

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Collection of nine early sf stories.

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Young adult contemporary sf adventure novel based on the classic character.

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Sf novel about a Neanderthal child transported to the present, based on Asimov's «The Ugly Little Boy».

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Prehistoric fantasy novel, about the clash between the last of the Neanderthals and early Homo Sapiens. (Fantasy).

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Dark fantasy novel on an epic scale about three people trying to save the world from eternal darkness.

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Young adult horror novel about a demonic doll. (Horror).

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Associational hightech thriller by an sf writer. Philippine rebels take the US President-elect hostage. (Thriller).

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Bischoff David. Daniel M. Pinkwater's Melvinge of the Megaverse # 1: Night of the Living Shark!. – Ace, 1991.
Humorous sf novel based on a concept and with an afterword by Pinkwater. Space nerd Melvinge is menaced by various peculiar creatures on his way to the biggest mall in the universe.

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Young adult novel with fantasy elements set in a surreal and bizarre vision of Los Angeles. (Fantasy).

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Sf/supernatural novel about a New Age teacher who can communicate with aliens.

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Sf novel of an alien ship damaged by humans that requires the destruction of worlds for power – and it's headed toward Earth.

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Post-holocaust military sf adventure featuring a super-submarine that survives WWIII.

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Sf novel, following directly on from the events in Speaker for the Dead as Ender struggles to prevent humanity from destoying the Piggies and/or the Buggers.

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Collection of 13 stories, nearly all dark fantasy or horror. (Fantasy).

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Horror novel of a young woman haunted by the dead. (Horror).

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Collection of five interconnected fantasy stories, three original, featuring a backwoods wizard in early 19th-century America. (Fantasy).

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Sf novel set in the same worlds as «Sparrowhawk».

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Sf novel of a threat to communications between interstellar colony worlds. A first novel.


Fank: Special Issue for VolgaCon / Ответственный за выпуск Б.Завгородний. – Volgograd, 1991. – 36 pp. 500 ex.


      P. 3-5: Podgorny Sergey. What Is There: The Preliminary Contact or Intrigues of the Enemies of Perestroika?
      P. 5-6: Strygatsky Arkady. A Speech by Arkady Strygatsky Made at a Meeting of Council of USSR SF Clubs and Rather Meant for Council Itself Than for the Press / Transcribed by D.Baykalov
      P. 7: Valiev Rukhan. Khomeini Is Right
      P. 7: Tolstaya Tatiana. In Defence of Vailev
      P. 7: Zalygin Sergei. Orwelliana Experts
      P. 8-9: Bukato V., Salwesky P., Kurits L., Mironov A., Olsa Ya., Runev I., Yakubovsky M. The First International Congress of Science Fiction Fans
      P. 10-12: Tolokonnikov Igor. The Young Generation of Soviet SF Writers at a Glance: [Timofeiev's Saga by Evgeny Filenko]
      P. 12-13: Mustafaiev Zamir. Information and Meditations / Edited by young SF writer Leonid Reznik
      P. 13-17: «Look, Who Has Come»: Our correspondent N.Varfolomeeva is interviewing the ex KGB Major Boris Zavgorodny / Translated by Maria Pesikova
      P. 17-21: Vasiliev Vladimir. «Russians Are Coming»: Or a Story One Shuldn't Believe / Translated by Maria Pesikova
      P. 21-24: Sinyakin S. «VICTOR – BO and Others»
      P. 24-26: Lubensky Andrew. The Scandal Chronicle of Science Fiction
      P. 25-26: Strugatsky Arcady, Strugatsky Boris. Letter to Council by Fantasy of the USSR
      P. 27-29: Gopman Vladimir. A Cat Before TV, or Fantasy for the «Poor» / Translated by Maria Pesikova
      P. 29-31: Lubensky Andrew. «The Oversan» – a New Amateur Fantastic Magazine in the USSR
      P. 31-33: The Review of «Aelita» (1988)

[Стругацкий Аркадий. Выступление на встрече с Всесоюзным Советом КЛФ; Стругацкий Аркадий, Стругацкий Борис. Открытое письмо АБС; Гопман Владимир. Кот перед телевизором, или Фантастика для «бедных»]

Farmer Philip. Red Orc's Rage, 1991.

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Post-holocaust sf novel. A first novel.

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Novelization based on the fantasy film.

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Sf novel about a human-colonized Mars, with artwork by Jim Burns.

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Mainstream novel about a mysterious and scarcely human woman's appearance in the late 19th-century Pacific Northwest. This has magic realism and fantasy elements. Fowler's first novel. (Fantasy).

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Collection of six stories, one original, with an introduction by the author.

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Humorous fantasy novel, second book of the series begun in «Gnome Man's Land». Various mythological creatures have difficulty adjusting to life in 20th-century Brooclyn, so they decide to go to school. (Fantasy).

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Children's humorous fantasy. (Fantasy).

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Humorous sf novel.

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Anthology of eight stories by the Grand Masters of the field, with an introduction by Robert Bloch.

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Second book of a graphic novel adaptation of Joe Haldeman's classic military sf novel, with art by Marvano.

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Original anthology of four supernatural romance short novels and one novella.

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Anthology of 16 original fantasy short stories, all written by women. (Fantasy).

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Sf novel of mankind's alien forbears who have rescued the survivors of a planetary war.

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Military sf adventure novel with a cyborg hero. The first six books of the «Steele» series were by Simon Hawke writing as J.D.Masters.

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An alien star pilot involves the human race in a galactic conflict.

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Anthology with 18 stories.

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Collection of the six «Mama Jason» sf adventure stories of interstellar colonization and scrambled gene programming that originally appeared in «IASFM». This is being packaged as a novel.

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Интеркомъ. – 1993. – # 4.

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Third occult thriller featuring guardian witch Diana Tregarde, who discovers deadly occult practices at a Tulsa high school. (Occult).

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Set in the same world as the «Heralds of Valdemar» series. (Fantasy).

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First published in Great Britain 1991


      Memoirs of a Space Traveler

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        P. 17-31: The Twenty-fourth Voyage

      Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy

        P. 35-51: Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy. I
        P. 52-65: Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy. II
        P. 66-75: Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy. III
        P. 76-88: Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy. IV
        P. 89-110: Further Reminiscences of Ijon Tichy. V (The Washing Machine Tragedy)

      P. 111-137: Doctor Diagoras
      P. 139-153: Let Us Save the Universe (An Open Letter from Ijon Tichy)

[Lem Stanisław. Podróż osiemnasta; Podróż dwudziesta czwarta; Ze wspomnień Ijona Tichego. I; Ze wspomnień Ijona Tichego. II; Ze wspomnień Ijona Tichego. III; Ze wspomnień Ijona Tichego. IV; Ze wspomnień Ijona Tichego. V (Tragedia pralnicza); Doktor Diagoras; Ratujmy kosmos (List otwarty Ijona Tichego)]

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Интеркомъ. – 1993. – # 4.

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[Стругацкий Аркадий. Фантастика учит гражданственности]

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