Библиография фантастики: 1975

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Young-adult fantasy novel.

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Near-future literary fantasy novel.

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[Balcerzan Edward. Nic oprócz ludzi]

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Goldin Stephen. Caravan, 1975.

Goldin Stephen. Herds, 1975.

Gordon Stuart. Suaine & The Grow God, 1975.

Gordon Stuart. Three-Eyes, 1975.

Gotschalk Felix. Growing Up in Tier 3000, 1975.

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Goulart Ron. The Enormous Hourglass, 1975.

Goulart Ron. The Hellhound Project, 1975.

Goulart Ron. Nutzenbolts, 1975.

Goulart Ron. Odd Job No.101, 1975.

Goulart Ron. On Alien Wings, 1975.

Goulart Ron. When the Waker Sleeps, 1975.

Greenhough Terry. Time and Timothy Grenville, 1975.

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Haldeman Joe. War of Nerves, 1975.

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Howard Robert. Red Nails, 1975.

Howard Robert. Tigers of the Sea, 1975.

Howard Robert. Tower of the Elephant, 1975.

Howard Robert. A Witch Shall Be Born, 1975.

Howell Scott. Passage to Oblivion, 1975.

Hughes Zach. The Stork Factor, 1975.

Hyams Edward. Morrow's Ants, 1975.

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James Laurence. Planet of the Blind, 1975.

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Jones Raymond. The King of Eolium, 1975.

Jones Raymond. Renegades of Time, 1975.

Kastle Herbert. Edward Brenner is Alive Again! 1975.

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[Lem Stanisław. Niezwyciężony]

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[Lundwall Sam J. Science fiction: Från begynnelsen till våra dagar]

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Reynolds Mack. Amazon Planet, 1975.

Reynolds Mack. Five Way Secret Agent, 1975.

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