Библиография фантастики: 1974

The 1974 Annual World's Best SF. – DAW, 1974.

Adams Richard. Shardik. – Lane & Collings, 1974. (Fantasy).

Adams Richard. Watership Down. – Macmillan, 1974.

Aiken Joan. Midnight Is a Place. – Cape, 1974.
Juvenile novel set in Aiken's alternate-world Britain.

Akers Alan. Arena of Antares. – DAW, 1974.

Akers Alan. Manhounds of Antares. – DAW, 1974.

Akers Alan. Prince of Scorpio. – DAW, 1974.

Aldiss Brian. The Eighty-Minute Hour: a Space Opera, 1974.

Andersen Hans. The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories / Translated from the Danish by Erik Haugaard. – Anchor, 1974.
Collection of fantasy stories and fairy tales.

Anderson Poul. Fire Time, 1974.

Anderson Poul. A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, 1974.

Anderson Poul. The Many Worlds of Poul Anderson, 1974.

Anderson Poul. A Midsummer Tempest. – Doubleday, 1974. (Fantasy).

Anderson Poul. Three Hearts and Three Lions. – Sphere, 1974. (Fantasy).

Anderson Poul. The Worlds of Poul Anderson. – Ace, 1974.

Anderson William. Penelope, the Damp Detective, 1974.

Anthony Piers. Rings of Ice, 1974.

Anthony Piers. Triple Detente. – DAW, 1974.

Appel Benjamin. The Death Master. – Popular, 1974.

As Tomorrow Becomes Today / Ed. by Charles W. Sullivan. – Prentice-Hall, 1974. (tp).

Asimov Isaac. Have You Seen These?, 1974.

Ballard J. Concrete Island, 1974.

Bannon Mark. The Assimilator, 1974.

Bannon Mark. The Wayward Robot, 1974.

Barclay Alan. Of Earth and Fire, 1974.

Barjavel Rene. The Immortals, 1974.

Barrett Geoffrey. The Lost Fleet of Astranides, 1974.

Barrett Geoffrey. The Tomorrow Stairs, 1974.

Barrett Neal. Stress Pattern, 1974.

Bass T. The Godwhale, 1974.

Batchelor John. Halley's Comet, the Further Adventures.

Baum L. The Master Key: An Electrical Fairy Tale. – Hyperion Press, 1974. (Fantasy).

Bayley Barrington. The Fall of Chronopolis, 1974.

Bayley Barrington. The Soul of the Robot, 1974.

Bellairs John. The House with a Clock in Its Walls. – Dell, 1974.

The Best from Galaxy Vol. 2 / Ed. by Anonymous. – Award, 1974.

The Best from If Vol. 2 / Ed. by Anonymous. – Award, 1974.

Biggle Lloyd. Monument, 1974.

Blackburn John. Our Lady of Pain, 1974.

Blish James. Star Trek 10, 1974. – (Star Trek. 10).

Bloch Robert. Contes de Terreur, 1974.

Boyd John. Andromeda Gun, 1974.

Brackett Leigh. The Ginger Star, 1974.

Brackett Leigh. The Hounds of Skaith, 1974.

Bradley Marion. The Jewel of Arwen, 1974.

Bradley Marion. The Parting of Arwen, 1974.

Bradley Marion. The Spell Sword, 1974. – (Darkover).

Brautigan Richard. The Hawkline Monster, 1974.

Brunner John. Total Eclipse, 1974.

Brunner John. Web of Everywhere, 1974.

Busby F. Cage a Man, 1974.

Caidin Martin. High Crystal, 1974.

Carter Angela. Fireworks, 1974.

Carter Lin. By the Light of the Green Star, 1974.

Carter Lin. Time War, 1974.

Carter Lin. The Valley Where Time Stood Still, 1974.

Carter Lin. The Warrior of World's End, 1974.

Chandler A. The Bitter Pill, 1974.

Chalker Jack. An Informal Biography of Scrooge McDuck. – Mirage Press, 1974.

Chapdelaine Perry. Swampworld West, 1974.

Charnas Suzi. Walk to the End of the World, 1974.

Chilson Robert. As the Curtain Falls, 1974.

Christopher John. Wild Jack, 1974.

Cleve John. The Sexorcist, 1974.

Compton D. The Unsleeping Eye. – DAW, 1974.

Condon Richard. Winter Kills, 1974.

Coney Michael. The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch.

Coney Michael. Monitor Found in Orbit, 1974.

Coney Michael. Winter's Children, 1974.

Conrad Paul. Ex Minus, 1974.

Conway Gerard. Mindship, 1974.

Cooper Edmund. Prisoner of Fire, 1974.

Cooper Edmund. The Slaves of Heaven, 1974.

Cooper Susan. Greenwitch, 1974.

Coppel Alfred. Thirty-Four East, 1974.

Copper Basil. The Great White Space, 1974.

Cowper Richard. The Twilight of Briareus, 1974.

Cowper Richard. Worlds Apart, 1974.

Crichton J. Westworld, 1974.

The Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem // Choice. – 1974. – # XI (October). – P. 1128.

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Dahl Roald. Switch Bitch, 1974.

Del Rey Lester. The Sky is Falling, 1974.

Dick Philip. Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said, 1974.

Dickson Gordon. Ancient, My Enemy, 1974.

Dickson Gordon, Bova Ben. Gremlins Go Home!, 1974.

Dunsany Lord. The Food of Death: Fifty-One Tales, 1974.

Dunsany Lord. Over the Hills and Far Away, 1974.

Edmondson G. T.H.E.M., 1974.

Effinger George. Man the Fugitive, 1974. – (Planet of the Apes. 1).

Effinger George. Mixed Feelings, 1974.

Ehrlich Max. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, 1974.

Eklund Gordon. All Times Possible. – DAW, 1974.

Eklund Gordon, Anderson Poul. Inheritors of Earth, 1974.

Elder Michael. A Different World, 1974.

Elder Michael. The Seeds of Frenzy, 1974.

Ellison Harlan. Approaching Oblivion, 1974.

Ellison Harlan. The Time of the Eve, 1974.

Emshwiller Carol. Joy in Our Case, 1974.

Engel Lyle. Dimension of Dreams, 1974.

Engel Lyle. Ice Dragon, 1974.

Engel Lyle. Kingdom of Royth, 1974.

Farmer Philip. The Adventure of the Peerless Peer, 1974.

Farmer Philip. Hadon of Ancient Opar, 1974.

Fontana D. The Questor Tapes, 1974.

Foster Alan. Dark Star, 1974.

Foster Alan. Icerigger, 1974. – (Icerigger).

Foster Alan. Luana, 1974.

Foster Alan. Star Trek Lod 1, 1974. – (Star Trek).

Foster Alan. Star Trek Log 2, 1974. – (Star Trek).

Franke Herbert. The Mind Net, 1974.

Franke Herbert. Zone Null, 1974.

Friedman Alan J. Science as Metaphor // Contemporary Literature. – 1974. – Nr. 15. – P. 345-359.

Gallun Raymond. The Eden Cycle, 1974.

Garnett David. Time in Eclipse, 1974.

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Garvin Richard. The Crystal Skull, 1974.

Gawron Jean. An Apology for Rain, 1974.

Gibsen Floyd. A Slip in Time, 1974.

Gordon Stuart. Two-Eyes, 1974.

Goulart Ron. Flux, 1974.

Goulart Ron. Spacehawk, Inc, 1974.

Greenfield Irving. The Stars Will Judge, 1974.

Griffith George. The Raid of «Le Vengeur», 1974.

Gunn James. Some Dreams are Nightmares, 1974.

Haldeman Joe. The Forever War, 1974.

Hamilton Edmond. What's It Like Out There. – New York: Ace, 1974.

Harding Lee. The Fallen Spaceman, 1974.

Harrison Harry. The Man from R.O.B.O.T., 1974.

Harrison M. The Centauri Device, 1974.

Herbert James. The Rats. – New English Library, 1974.

Hersey John. My Petition for More Space, 1974.

Herzog Arthur. The Swarm, 1974.

High Philip. Speaking of Dinosaurs, 1974.

Hodder-Williams Christopher. Cowards' Paradise, 1974.

Howard Robert. The People of the Black Circle, 1974.

Howell Scott. Menace from Magor, 1974.

Hoyle Geoffrey, Hoyle Fred. Into Deepest Space, 1974.

Hughes Zach. The Legend of Miaree, 1974.

Hughes Zach. Seed of the Gods, 1974.

Hughes Zach. Tide, 1974.

Jakes John. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, 1974.

James Laurence. Earth Lies Sleeping, 1974.

James Laurence. Starcross, 1974.

Janifer Laurence. Power, 1974.

Jones D. The Fall of Colossus, 1974.

Kern Gregory. Earth Enslaved, 1974.

Kern Gregory. The Eater of Worlds, 1974.

Kern Gregory. Enemy within the Skull, 1974.

Kern Gregory. The Genetic Buccaneer, 1974.

Kern Gregory. Gholan Gate, 1974.

Kern Gregory. Jewel of Jarhen, 1974.

Kern Gregory. Planet of Dread, 1974.

Kern Gregory. Seetee Alert!, 1974.

Kern Gregory. Spawn of Laban, 1974.

Kern Gregory. A World Aflame, 1974.

King Albert. Stage Two, 1974.

King Christopher. Operation Mora, 1974.

King Stephen. Carrie. – Doubleday, 1974.
Barron, Horror Literature, 4-162.

Kline Otis. Jan in India, 1974.

Koontz Dean. After the Last Race, 1974.

Lafferty R. Does Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add?, 1974.

Laumer Keith. The Undefeated, 1974.

Le Guin Ursula. The Dispossessed. – Harper & Row, 1974.

Leiber Fritz. The Book of Fritz Leiber. – DAW, 1974.


Lem Stanislaw. The Cyberiad: Fables for the Cybernetic Age / Translated from the Polish by Michael Kandel; Jacket drawing by Daniel Mróz; Jacket design by Ted Menten; Illustrated by Daniel Mróz. – New York: The Seabury Press, 1974. – 295 pp. – (A Continuum Book). ISBN 0-8164-9164-X.


      P. 3-8: How the Word Was Saved
      P. 9-20: Trurl's Machine
      P. 21-30: A Good Shellacking

      The Seven Sallies of Trurl and Klapaucius

        P. 31-42: The First Sally, or The Trap of Gargantius
        P. 43-57: The First Sally (A), or Trurl's Electronic Bard
        P. 58-84: The Second Sally, or The Offer of King Krool
        P. 85-102: The Thirs Sally, or The Dragons of Probability
        P. 103-112: The Fourth Sally, or How Trurl Built a Femfatalatron to Save Prince Pantagoon from the Pangs of Love, and How Later He Resorted to a Cannonade of Babies
        P. 113-130: The Fifth Sally, or The Mischief of King Balerion
        P. 131-139: The Fifth Sally (A), or Trurl's Prescription
        P. 140-160: The Sixth Sally, or How Trurl and Klapaucius Created a Demon of the Second Kind to Defeat the Pirate Pugg
        P. 161-172: The Seventh Sally, or How Trurl's Own Perfection Led to No Good

      P. 173-248: Tale of the Three Storytelling Machines of King Genius
      P. 249-282: Altruizine or A True Account of How Bonhomius the Hermetic Hermit Tried to Bring About Universal Happiness, and What Came of It

      From the Cyphroeroticon, or Tales of Deviations, Superfixations and Aberrations of the Heart

        P. 283-295: Prince Ferrix and the Princess Crystal

[Lem Stanisław. Jak ocalał świat; Maszyna Trurla; Wielkie lanie; Wyprawa pierwsza, czyli pułapka Gargancjana; Wyprawa pierwsza A, czyli Elektrybałt Trurla; Wyprawa druga, czyli oferta króla Okrucyusza; Wyprawa trzecia, czyli smoki prawdopodobieństwa; Wyprawa czwarta, czyli o tym, jak Trurl kobietron zastosował, królewicza Pantarktyka od mąk miłosnych chcąc zbawić i jak potem do użycia dzieciomiotu przyszło; Wyprawa piąta, czyli o figlach króla Baleryona; Wyprawa piąta A, czyli konsultacja Trurla; Wyprawa szósta, czyli jak Trurl i Klapaucjusz demona drugiego rodzaju stworzyli, aby zbójcę Gębona pokonać; Wyprawa siódma, czyli o tym, jak własna doskonałość Trurla do złego przywiodła; Bajka o trzech maszynach opowiadających króla Genialona; Altruizyna, czyli opowieść prawdziwa o tym, jak pustelnik Dobrycy kosmos uszczęśliwić zapragnął i co z tego wynikło; O królewiczu Ferrycym i królewnie Krystali]

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Lightner A. The Space Gypsies, 1974.

Lippincott David. Voice of Armageddon, 1974.

Lovecraft H., Derleth August. The Watchers Out of Time. – Arkham House, 1974.
Collection of 15 stories begun by Lovecraft and finished by August Derleth.

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Malzberg Barry. Conversations, 1974.

Malzberg Barry. The Day of the Burning, 1974.

Malzberg Barry. The Destruction of the Temple, 1974.

Malzberg Barry. On a Planet Alien, 1974.

Malzberg Barry. Out From Ganymede, 1974.

Malzberg Barry. The Sodom and Gomorrah Business, 1974.

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Norton Andre. Outside, 1974.

Nourse Alan. The Bladerunner, 1974.

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Pesek Ludek. The Earth is Near, 1974.

Piserchia Doris. Star Rider, 1974.

Pope Elizabeth. The Perilous Gard. – Houghton Mifflin, 1974.
Young-adult fantasy novel.

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Priest Christopher. Inverted World, 1974.

Priest Christopher. Real-Time World, 1974.

Reineke L. The Hormone Holocaust, 1974.

Reynolds Mack. Commune 2000 A.D., 1974.

Reynolds Mack. Depression or Bust, 1974.

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Wydanie trzecie.

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