Библиография фантастики: 1971

The 2nd Fontana Book of Great Ghost / Ed. by Robert Aickman. – Beagle, 1971. (Ghost).

The 3rd Fontana Book of Great Ghost / Ed. by Robert Aickman. – Beagle, 1971. (Horror).

Adlard Mark. Interface, 1971.

Aiken Joan. The Cuckoo Tree. – Jonathan Cape, 1971. – (Dido Twite).
Young-adult alternate history historical novel in the «Dido Twite» series.

Aiken Joan. The Kingdom Under the Sea. – Jonathan Cape, 1971.
Juvenile fantasy collection (retelling Eastern European tales).

Aldiss Brian. The Hand-Reared Boy. – Signet, 1971. – (Horatio Stubbs. 1). (Fiction).

Aldiss Brian. A Soldier Erect. – Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1971. – (Horatio Stubbs. 2).

Alexander Lloyd. The King's Fountain. – Dutton, 1971.
Children's fairy tale.

Amado Jorge. Tent of Miracles / Translated from the Portuguese by Barbara Shelby. – Knopf, 1971.
South American magical realism novel.

Anderson Poul. The Broken Sword. – Ballantine, 1971. (Fantasy).

Anderson Poul. The Byworlder. – NAL-Dutton, 1971.

Anderson Poul. The Dancer from Atlantis, 1971.

Anderson Poul. Operation Chaos. – Lancer, 1971. (Fantasy).

Anthony Piers. Orn. – Avon, 1971.

Anthony Piers. Prostho Plus, 1971.

Arboob Michael. The Metaphorical Woman. – Heinemann, 1971.

Ashby Richard. Act of God. – Leisure, 1971.

Ball Brian. Timepit, 1971.

Ballard J. Chronopolis, 1971.

Ballard J. Fictions of Every Kind // Books and Bookmen. – 1971. – Feb.

Ballard J. Vermilion Sands, 1971.

Bamber George. The Sea is Boiling Hot, 1971.

Barjavel Rene. Future Times Three, 1971.

Barrett Neal. The Leaves of Time, 1971.

Bass T. Half Past Human, 1971.

Beckford William. Vathek: The History of the Caliph Including the Episodes of Vathek. – Ballantine, 1971. (Gothic).

Berk Howard. The Sun Grows Cold, 1971.

The Best From New Writings in S-F First Selection / Ed. by E. J(ohn Ted) Carnell. – Dobson, 1971.

Biggle Lloyd. The World Menders, 1971.

Binder Eando. The Double Man, 1971.

Binder Eando. Get off My World, 1971.

Binder Eando. Night of the Saucers, 1971.

Binder Eando. Puzzle of the Space Pyramids, 1971.

Binder Eando. Secret of the Red Spot, 1971.

Blackburn John. The Household Traitors, 1971.

Blackburn Thomas. The Feast of the Wolf, 1971.

Blish James. ...And All the Stars a Stage, 1971.

Blish James. Star Trek 4, 1971. – (Star Trek. 4).

Bloch Robert. It's All in Your Mind, 1971.

Bloch Robert. Sneak Preview, 1971.

Bodelsen Anders. Freezing Point, 1971.

Bova Ben. Exiled from Earth, 1971.

Bova Ben. THX 1138, 1971.

Bradley Marion. The World Wreckers. – Ace, 1971. – (Darkover. 6).

Brown Fredric. Mickey Astromause, 1971.

Brunner John. The Dramaturges of Yan, 1971.

Brunner John. Honky in the Woodpie, 1971.

Brunner John. The Traveler in Black, 1971.

Brunner John. The Wrong End of Time, 1971.

Bulmer Kenneth. The Electric Sword-Swallowers, 1971.

Bulmer Kenneth. The Hunters of Jundagai, 1971.

Bulmer Kenneth. The Insane City, 1971.

Bunch David. Moderan, 1971.

Burroughs William. The Wild Boys, 1971.

Caidin Martin. Almost Midnight, 1971.

Caidin Martin. The Cape, 1971.

Carrel Mark. A Crack in Time, 1971.

Carrigan Richard, Carrigan Nancy. The Siren Stars, 1971.

Carter Lin. Outworlder, 1971.

Carter Lin. The Quest of Kadji, 1971.

Carter Lin, De Camp L. Conan the Buccaneer, 1971. – (Conan).

Chandler A. Alternate Orbits, 1971.

Chandler A. The Dark Dimensions, 1971.

Chandler A. The Sea Beasts, 1971.

Chandler A. To Prime the Pump, 1971.

Christopher John. Beyond the Burning Lands, 1971.

Clement Hal. Ocean on Top, 1971.

Clement Hal. Starlight, 1971.

Cleve John. Pleasure Us!, 1971.

Coblentz Stanton. The Island People, 1971.

Conway Gerard. The Midnight Dancers, 1971.

Cooper Edmund. The Overman Culture, 1971.

Cooper Edmund. Unborn Tomorrow, 1971.

Cowper Richard. Domino, 1971.

Creasey John. The Unbegotten, 1971.

Cristabel. The Mortal Immortals, 1971.

Curtis Wade. Red Dragon. – Berkley Medallion, 1971.
Non sf/fantasy; associational. Spy thriller, a sequel to Red Heroin.

Dalmas John. The Yngling, 1971.

Darrington Hugh. Gravitor, 1971.

Daventry Leonard. Terminus, 1971.

Daventry Leonard. Twenty-One Billionth Paradox, 1971.

Davidson Avram. Peregrine: Primus, 1971. – (Peregrine).

Davidson Avram. Strange Seas and Shores, 1971.

Davies L. Give Me Back Myself, 1971.

De Camp L. The Clocks of Iraz, 1971.

De Ford Miriam. Elsewhere, Elsewhen, Elsehow, 1971.

The Dead Astronaut / Ed. by Anonymous. – Playboy, 1971.

Del Rey Lester. Pstalemate, 1971.

Delany Samuel. Driftglass, 1971.

Dickinson Peter. The Devil's Children, 1971.

Dickinson Peter. Emma Tupper's Diary, 1971.

Dickson Gordon. Sleepwalkers' World, 1971.

Dickson Gordon. Tactics of Mistake. – Doubleday, 1971. – (Dorsai. 3).

Disch Thomas. White Fang Goes Dingo, 1971.

Dorman Sonya. Winter City // F&SF. – 1971. – Jan.

Douglas Jeff. The Balling Machine, 1971.

Drury Allen. The Throne of Saturn, 1971.

Du Maurier Daphne. Not After Midnight and Other Stories. – Gollancz, 1971.

Eco-Fiction / Ed. by John Stadler. – Washington Square Press, 1971. (pb).

Edmondson G. Chapayeca, 1971.

Eklund Gordon. The Eclipse of Dawn, 1971.

Elder Michael. The Alien Earth, 1971.

Elgin Suzette. Furthest, 1971.

Ellison Harlan. Alone Against Tomorrow, 1971.

Ellison Harlan, Sheckley Robert, Bloch Robert, Davidson Avram, Bova Ben. Partners in Wonder, 1971.

Engdahl Sylvia. The Far Side of Evil, 1971.

Engel Lyle. Liberator of Jedd, 1971.

Evans E. Food for Demons, 1971.

Fairman Paul. The Doomsday Exhibit, 1971.

Farmer Philip. Down in the Black Gang, 1971.

Farmer Philip. The Fabulous Riverboat, 1971. – (Riverworld. 2).

Farmer Philip. To Your Scattered Bodies Go, 1971. – (Riverworld. 1).

Farmer Philip. The Wind Whales of Ishmael, 1971.

Faucette John. Siege of Earth, 1971.

The Fiend / Ed. by Anonymous. – Playboy, 1971.

Five Fates / Ed. by Anonymous. – Paperback Library, 1971.

Friel Arthur. Tiger River, 1971.

From the «S» File / Ed. by Anonymous. – Playboy, 1971.

The Fully Automated Love Life of Henry K. / Ed. by Anonymous. – Playboy, 1971.

Gardner John. Grendel, 1971.

Garnett David. The Starseekers, 1971.

Gerrold David, Niven Larry. The Flying Sorcerers, 1971.

Gibson Colin. The Pepper Leaf, 1971.

Godwin Tom. Beyond Another Sun, 1971.

Goldensohn Barry. The Returned Utopians // Poetry. – 1971.

Golding William. The Scorpion God, 1971.

Goulart Ron. Broke Down Engine and Other Troubles with Machines, 1971.

Goulart Ron. Clockwork's Pirates, 1971.

Goulart Ron. Death Cell, 1971.

Goulart Ron. Gadget Man, 1971.

Goulart Ron. Ghost Breaker, 1971.

Goulart Ron. Hawkshaw, 1971.

Goulart Ron. What's Become of Screw Loose?, 1971.

Green I. Time Beyond Time, 1971.

Green Joseph. Gold the Man, 1971.

Gutteridge Lindsay. Cold War in a Country Garden, 1971.

Haggard William. The Bitter Harvest, 1971.

Haiblum Isidore. The Tsaddik of the Seven Wonders, 1971.

Harrison M. The Committed Men, 1971.

Harrison M. The Pastel City, 1971. – (Viriconium).

Hassler Kenneth. Intergalac Agent, 1971.

Henderson Zenna. Holding Wonder. – Avon, 1971.

High Philip. Butterfly Planet, 1971.

Hjortsberg William. Gray Matters, 1971.

Hoch Edward. City of Brass and Other Simon Ark Stories, 1971.

Hoch Edward. The Judges of Hades and Other Simon Ark Stories, 1971.

Hoch Edward. The Transvection Machine, 1971.

Hoyle Geoffrey, Hoyle Fred. The Molecule Men and the Monster from Loch Ness, 1971.

Hyams Edward. The Death Lottery, 1971.

Jones D. Don't Pick the Flowers, 1971.

Jones Raymond. Moonbase One, 1971.

Kamin Nick. The Herod Men, 1971.

Kelley Leo. Brother John, 1971.

Kelley Leo. The Coins of Murph, 1971.

King Vincent. Another End, 1971.

King Vincent. Candy Man, 1971.

Koontz Dean. The Crimson Witch, 1971.

Kuttner Henry. The Mask of Circe, 1971.

Lafferty R. Arrive at Easterwine, 1971.

Lafferty R. The Devil is Dead, 1971.

Lafferty R. The Fall of Rome, 1971.

Lafferty R. The Flame is Green, 1971.

Lange Oliver. Vandenberg, 1971.

Lasswitz Kurd. Two Planets, 1971.

Last Train to Limbo / Ed. by Anonymous. – Playboy, 1971.

Laumer Keith. Deadfall, 1971.

Laumer Keith. Dinosaur Beach, 1971.

Laumer Keith. Fat Chance. – Pocket, 1971.

Laumer Keith. Once There Was a Giant. – TOR, 1971.

Laumer Keith. Retief of the CDT, 1971. – (Retief).

Laumer Keith. Retief's Ransom, 1971. – (Retief).

Laumer Keith. The Star Treasure. – Putnam, 1971.

Le Guin Ursula. The Lathe of Heaven. – Scribner's Sons, 1971.

Le Guin Ursula. The Tombs of Atuan, 1971. – (Earthsea. 2).

Lee Tanith. The Dragon Hoard, 1971.

Lessing Doris. Briefing for a Descent into Hell, 1971.

Lightner A. The Thursday Toads, 1971.

Long Frank. Survival World, 1971.

Lupoff Richard. Sacred Locomotive Flies, 1971.

MacApp C. Subb, 1971.

Maine Charles. The Random Factor, 1971.

Malzberg Barry. Confessions of Westchester County, 1971.

Malzberg Barry. The Falling Astronauts, 1971.

Mangel Anne. Maxwell's Demon, Entropy, Information: The Crying of Lot 49 // Tri Quaterly. – 1971. – Nr. 20. – P. 194-208.

Masks / Ed. by Anonymous. – Playboy, 1971.

Mason David. The Shores of Tomorrow, 1971.

Mason Douglas. Dilialion Effect, 1971.

Mason Douglas. Horizon Alpha, 1971.

Mason Douglas. Satellite 54-Zero, 1971.

Matheson Richard. Hell House, 1971.

McAllister Bruce. Humanity Prime, 1971.

McCaffrey Anne. Dragonquest, 1971. – (Pern).

McCutchan Philip. This Drakotny..., 1971.

Merwin Sam. The Time Shifters, 1971.

Moorcock Michael. The King of the Swords. – Berkley, 1971. – (Corum. 3). (Fantasy).

Moorcock Michael. The Knight of the Swords, 1971. – (Corum. 1). (Fantasy).

Moorcock Michael. The Queen of the Swords. – Berkley, 1971. (Corum. 2). (Fantasy).

Moorcock Michael. The Sleeping Sorceress. – New English Library, 1971. – (Elric. 5). (Fantasy).

Moorcock Michael. The Vanishing Tower, 1971. – (Elric. 3). (Fantasy).

Moorcock Michael. The Warlord of the Air, 1971. – (Oswald Bastable).

Morgan Dan. Inside, 1971.

Nathan Robert. Elixir, 1971.

Never in This World / Ed. by Idella Purnell Stone. – Fawcett Gold Medal, 1971. (pb).

Neville Kris. Mission: Manstop, 1971.

The New Tomorrows / Ed. by Norman Spinrad. – Belmont, 1971. (pb).

New Writings in Horror and the Supernatural # 1 / Ed. by David A. Sutton; Introduction by David A. Sutton. – Sphere, 1971. (pb).

Niven Larry. All the Myriad Ways, 1971.

Nolan William. Space for Hire, 1971.

Norman John. Raiders of Gor, 1971. – (Gor. 6).

Norton Andre. Android at Arms, 1971.

Norton Andre. Exiles of the Stars, 1971.

Nourse Alan. RX for Tomorrow, 1971.

Nunes Claude. Recoil, 1971.

O'Brian Robert. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, 1971.

O'Donnell K. Gather in the Hall of the Planets, 1971.

O'Donnell K. In the Pocket, 1971.

O'Donnell K. Universe Day, 1971.

Offut Andrew. The Great 24-Hour Thing, 1971.

Oliver Chad(wick). The Edge of Forever, 1971.

Oliver Chad(wick). The Shores of Another Sea, 1971.

The Other Side of the Clock / Ed. by Philip Van Doren Stern. – Pinnacle, 1971. (pb).

Parker Richard. The Old Powder Line, 1971.

Parker Richard. Spell Seven, 1971.

Percy F. Love in the Ruins, 1971.

Petaja Emil. Stardrift and Other Fantastic Flotsam, 1971.

Platt Charles. The Image Job, 1971.

Platt Charles. Planet of the Voles, 1971.

Platt Charles. The Power and the Plain, 1971.

Pohl Frederik. Day Million. – Gollancz, 1971.

Priestley J. Snoggle, 1971.

Purdom Tom. Reduction in Arms, 1971.

Rackham John. Beyond Capella, 1971.

Rackham John. Dark Planet, 1971.

Rankine John. The Plantos Affair, 1971.

Rankine John. The Ring of Garamas, 1971.

Runyon Charles. Pig World, 1971.

Saberhagen Fred. The Black Mountains, 1971.

Sanborn Robin. The Book of Stier, 1971.

Saxton Josephine. Group Feast, 1971.

Science Fiction Comes to College / Ed. by Jack Williamson. – Penzler, 1971. (Non-fiction).

Science Fictions / Ed. by Arnold Thompson. – London: University Tutorial Press, 1971. – 168 pp. (hc) ISBN 0-7231-0529-4.

Serling Rod(man). Night Gallery, 1971.

Shaw Bob. Ground Zero Man, 1971.

Sheckley Robert. Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?, 1971.

Sillitoe Alan. Travels in Nihilon, 1971.

Silverberg Robert. The Cube Root of Uncertainly, 1971.

Silverberg Robert. Moonferns and Starsongs, 1971.

Silverberg Robert. The New Springtime.

Silverberg Robert. Son of Man, 1971.

Silverberg Robert. A Time of Changes, 1971.

Silverberg Robert. The World Inside, 1971.

Simak Clifford. Destiny Doll. – Putnam, 1971.

Simak Clifford. Prehistoric Man. – St. Martin's Press, 1971. (Popular Science).

Siodmak Kurt. The Third Ear, 1971.

Smith Clark. Hyperborea, 1971.

Smith Cordwainer. Stardreamer, 1971.

Sohl Jerry. The Anomaly, 1971.


Soviet Science Fiction / Translated from the Russian by Violet L. Dutt; With a new Introduction (P. 5-13) by Isaac Asimov; Cover illustration by Don-Ivan Punchatz. – New York: Collier Books, 1971. – 189 pp. (pb).
Seventh Printing 1971


      P. 17-86: Belayev A. Hoity-Toity: Professor Wagner's Invention: Material for His Biography Collected by A.Belayev
      P. 87-111: Strugatsky Arkady, Strugatsky Boris. Spontaneus Reflex
      P. 113-132: Kazantsev Alexander. A Visitor from Outer Space
      P. 133-147: Kazantsev Alexander. The Martian
      P. 149-169: Gurevich G. Infra Draconis
      P. 171-189: Savchenko Vladimir. Professor Bern's Awakening

[Беляев Александр. Хойти-Тойти; Стругацкий Аркадий, Стругацкий Борис. Спонтанный рефлекс; Казанцев Александр. Гость из космоса; Марсианин; Гуревич Георгий. Инфра Дракона; Савченко Владимир. Пробуждение профессора Берна]

Stableford Brian. Day of Wrath, 1971.

Stableford Brian. The Days of Glory, 1971.

Stableford Brian. In the Kingdom of the Beasts, 1971.

Stanislaw Lem: A Profile // Luna Monthly (New Jersey). – 1971. – No. 31 (December). – P. 22.

Stasheff Christopher. King Kobold, 1971. – (Warlock).

Sturgeon Theodore. Dazed // Galaxy. – 1971. – Sep.

Sturgeon Theodore. Occam's Scalpel // If. – 1971. – Aug.

Sturgeon Theodore. Sturgeon Is Alive and Well.... – G.P.Putnam's, 1971. (hc).

Sutton Jeff, Sutton Jean. The Boy Who Had the Power, 1971.

Suvin Darko. The Utopian Tradition of Russian Science Fiction // The Modern Language Review (London). – 1971. – Vol. 66, No. 1 (Jan.). – P. 139-159.

Swann Thomas. The Forest of Forever. – Ace, 1971. – (Minotaur. 2). (Fantasy).

Swann Thomas. The Goat Without Horns, 1971.

Tidyman Ernest. Absolute Zero, 1971.

Transit of Earth / Ed. by Anonymous. – Playboy, 1971.

Tryon Thomas. The Other, 1971.

Tubb E. Lallia, 1971.

Tubb E. Temple of Truth. – (Dumarest).

Tucker Eric, Earnshaw A. Wintersol, 1971.

Van Scyoc Sydney. Salt Flower, 1971.

Van Vogt A. The Battle of Forever, 1971.

Van Vogt A. M33 in Andromeda, 1971.

Van Vogt A. More than Superhuman, 1971.

Van Vogt A. The Proxy Intelligence and Other Stories, 1971.


Vortex: New Soviet Science Fiction / Edited by C.G.Bearne. – London: Pan Books Ltd, 1971. – 190 pp. ISBN 0-330-02705-0.


      P. 7: Bearne C.G. Editor's Preface
      P. 9-26: Gromova Arjadne. Introduction: At the Frontier of the Present Age / Translated by C.G.Bearne
      P. 27-54: Abramov Aleksandr and Sergei. The Time Scale / Translated by D.Matias
      P. 55-60: Gorbovskii Andrei. Futility / Translated by D.Matias
      P. 61-69: Mirer Artur. The Test: From the cycle Artificial Jam / Foreword by the author; Translated by C.G.Bearne
      P. 70-93: Mirer Artur. The Old Road: From the cycle Artificial Jam / Translated by Gillian Lowes
      P. 94-103: Smagin Boris. The Silent Procession / Translated by Jana Dorrell
      P. 104-113: Gorbovskii Andrei. He Will Wake in Two Hundred Years / Translated by D.Matias
      P. 114-190: Strugatskii Arkadii and Boris. The Second Martian Invasion: A Fantastical Tale: Notes of a Sane Man / Translated by D.Matias and P.Barrett

[Абрамов Александр, Абрамов Сергей. Гамма времени; Горбовский Александр. Тщетность; Он проснется через двести лет; Стругацкий Аркадий, Стругацкий Борис. Второе нашествие марсиан]

Wallace Ian. The Purloined Prince, 1971.

Walling William. No One Goes There Now, 1971.

Walter Elizabeth. Davy Jones' Tale, 1971.

Walters Hugh. First Contact?, 1971.

Wayman Tony. Ads Infinitum, 1971.

Wayman Tony. Dunes of Pradai, 1971.

Weird Show / Ed. by Anonymous. – Playboy, 1971. (Horror).

Wellen Edward. Hijack, 1971.

Where Do We Go from Here? / Ed. by Isaac Asimov. – Doubleday, 1971.

White James. Major Operation, 1971.

White James. Tomorrow is Too Far, 1971.

White Ted. Star Wolf!, 1971.

White Ted. Trouble on Project Ceres, 1971.

Wilhelm Kate. Abyss, 1971.

Wilhelm Kate. Margaret and I, 1971.

Williams Eric. The Call of Utopia, 1971.

Williams Robert. Now Comes Tomorrow, 1971.

Williams Tad. Stone of Farewell.

Williamson Jack. People Machines, 1971.

Witches, Wraiths and Warlocks: Supernatural Tales of the American Renaissance / Ed. by Ronald Curran. – Fawcett, 1971. (Fantasy).

Wodhams Jack. Authentic Touch, 1971.

Wylie Philip. Los Angeles: A.D.2017, 1971.

Zelazny Roger. The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth. – Avon, 1971.

Zelazny Roger. Jack of Shadows, 1971.