Библиография фантастики: 1960

13 Great Stories of Science Fiction / Ed. by Groff Conklin. – Gold Medal, 1960.

Adams John. When the Gods Came. – Badger, 1960.

Addams Charles. Black Maria. – Simon & Schuster, 1960. (Artwork).

Addams Charles. Dear Dead Days. – P.Hamlyn, 1960. (Artwork).

Aldiss Brian. Bow Down to Nul. – Ace, 1960.

Aldiss Brian. Galaxies Like Grains of Sand. – NAL/Signet, 1960.

Aldiss Brian. Starship. – Signet, 1960.

Anderson Poul. Earthmen, Go Home!. – Ace, 1960.

Anderson Poul. The Golden Slave. – Avon, 1960. (Historical).

Anderson Poul. Guardians of Time. – Ballantine, 1960.

Anderson Poul. The High Crusade. – Doubleday, 1960.

Anderson Poul. Rogue Sword. – Avon, 1960. (Historical).

Anderson William. Five, Four, Three, Two, One – Pffff. – Ace, 1960.

Ball John. Spacemaster 1, 1960.

Barzman Ben. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. – Putnam, 1960.

Beagle Peter. A Fine and Private Place. – Viking, 1960.

Beaumont Charles. Night Ride and Other Journeys, 1960.

Best Black Magic Stories / Ed. by John Keir Cross. – Faber, 1960.

The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction, Third Series / Ed. by J. Francis McComas, Anthony Boucher. – Ace, 1960.

The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fourth Series / Ed. by Anthony Boucher. – Ace, 1960.

Blackburn John. Dead Man Running, 1960.

Blaine John. The Blue Ghost Mystery, 1960.

Bloch Robert. Pleasant Dreams. – Arkham, 1960.

Brett Leo. Exit Humanity, 1960.

Brett Leo. The Faceless Planet, 1960.

Brett Leo. The Microscopic Ones, 1960.

Brunner John. The Atlantic Abomination, 1960.

Brunner John. Sanctuary in the Sky, 1960.

Brunner John. The Skynappers, 1960.

Brunner John. Slavers of Space, 1960.

Buckner Robert. Starfire, 1960.

Budrys Algis. Rogue Moon, 1960.

Budrys Algis. The Unexpected Dimension, 1960.

Bulmer Kenneth. The Earth Gods Are Coming, 1960.

Capon Paul. Flight of Time, 1960.

Casewit Curtis. The Peacemakers, 1960.

Charbonneau Louis. Corpus Earthling, 1960.

Charkin Paul. The Other Side of Night, 1960.

Chilton Charles. The World in Peril, 1960.

Christopher John. The Long Voyage, 1960.

Clifton Mark. Eight Keys to Eden, 1960.

Coblentz Stanton. Next Door to the Sun, 1960.

Cooper Edmund. Voices in the Dark, 1960.

Coppel Alfred. Dark December, 1960.

Crisp Frank. The Night Callers, 1960.

Curtis Peter. The Devil's Own, 1960.

Dahl Roald. Kiss, Kiss, 1960.

Davies Hugh. The Papers of Andrew Melmoth, 1960.

Day Langston. The Deep Blue Ice, 1960.

De Camp L. The Glory That Was, 1960.

De Camp L., Pratt Fletcher. Wall of Serpents, 1960.

Destination: Amaltheia / Ed. by Anonymous. – Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1960.

Dick Philip. Dr. Futurity, 1960.

Dick Philip. Vulcan's Hammer, 1960.

Dickson Gordon. The Genetic General. – Ace, 1960. – (Dorsai).

Dickson Gordon. Secret Under the Sea, 1960.

Dickson Gordon. Time to Teleport, 1960.

Dunn Alan. Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?, 1960.

Eager Edward. The Well Wishers. – Harcourt, Brace & World, 1960. (Fantasy).

Edwards David. Next Stop, Mars!, 1960.

Ellison Harlan. The Man With Nine Lives, 1960.

Ellison Harlan. A Touch of Infinity, 1960.

Every Boy's Book of Outer Space Stories / Ed. by T. E(ugene) Dikty. – Fell, 1960.

Famous Ghost Stories / Ed. by Bennett Cerf. – Vintage, 1960. (Ghost).

Fane Bron. Blue Juggernaut, 1960.

Fane Bron. The Crawling Fiend, 1960.

Fane Bron. Last Man on Earth, 1960.

Fanthorpe Robert. Asteroid Man, 1960.

Fanthorpe Robert. Doomed World, 1960.

Fanthorpe Robert. Hand of Doom, 1960.

Fanthorpe Robert. Man Who Couldn't Die, 1960.

Fanthorpe Robert. Out of the Darkness, 1960.

Fanthorpe Robert. Werewolf at Large, 1960.

Fanthorpe Robert. Whirlwind of Death, 1960.

Farmer Philip. Flesh, 1960.

Farmer Philip. Strange Relations, 1960.

Farmer Philip. A Woman a Day, 1960.

Fisher Vardis. Orphans in Gehthesemane, 1960.

FitzGibbon Constantine. When the Kissing Had to Stop, 1960.

Fraser Ronald. Trout's Testament, 1960.

Gallico Paul. Too Many Ghosts, 1960.

Gardner Maurice. Bantan Incredible, 1960.

Garner Alan. The Weirdstone of Brisingamen. – Collins, 1960. – (Weirdstone. 1). (Fantasy).

Garrett Randall. In Case of Fire: Short Story // Astounding. – 1960. – Mar.

Glaskin G. A Change of Mind, 1960.

Great Tales of Mystery / Ed. by Randolph C. Bull. – Weidenfeld Nicolson, 1960.

Haggard H. Three Adventure Novels, 1960.

Hamilton Edmond. The Haunted Stars. – New York: Torquil, 1960.

Harrison Harry. Deathworld, 1960. – (Deathworld. 1).

Hartley L. Facial Justice, 1960.

Hasson James. Big Time Return, 1960.


The Heart of the Serpent / Transl. from the Russian by R.Prokofieva; Designed by N.Grishin. – Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1960. – 268 pp. – (Science-Fiction Library). 8.000 ex.


      P. 5-114: Yefremov Ivan. The Heart of the Serpent
      P. 115-164: Dnieprov Anatoly. Siema
      P. 165-206: Saparin Victor. The Trial of Tantalus
      P. 207-231: Zhuravleva Valentina. Stone from the Stars
      P. 232-267: Strugatsky Arkady and Boris. Six Matches

[Ефремов Иван. Сердце Змеи; Днепров Анатолий. Суэма; Сапарин Виктор. Суд над Танталусом; Журавлева Валентина. Звездный камень; Стругацкий Аркадий, Стругацкий Борис. Шесть спичек]

Hensley Joe. The Colour of Hate, 1960.

Hersey John. The Child Buyer, 1960.

Holly Joan. The Green Planet, 1960.

Hunter Evan. The Last Spin, 1960.

Iggulden John. Breakthrough, 1960.

Invisible Men / Ed. by Basil Davenport. – Ballantine, 1960.

Johnson Ray. Astera: The Planet That Committed Suicide, 1960.

Keene Day, Pruyn Leonard. World Without Women, 1960.

Kelleam Joseph. Hunters of Space, 1960.

Kelleam Joseph. The Little Men, 1960.

Kersh Gerald. The Ugly Face of Love, 1960.

Kline Otis. The Swordsman of Mars, 1960.

Kneale Nigel. Quatermass and the Pit, 1960.

Kneale Nigel. Quatermass II, 1960.

Kornbluth C., Pohl Frederik. Wolfbane. – Gollancz, 1960.

Lawrence H. The Children of Light, 1960.

Leinster Murray. The Aliens, 1960.

Leinster Murray. Men Into Space, 1960.

Leinster Murray. Twists in Time, 1960.

Lesser Milton. Stadium Beyond the Stars, 1960.

Lewis C. The Four Loves. – Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; Geoffrey Bles, 1960. (Non-fiction).

Lewis C. Studies in Words. – Cambridge University Press, 1960. (Non-fiction).

Lewis C. The World's Last Night, and Other Essays. – Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1960. (Non-fiction).

Lewis Roy. The Evolution Man. – Hutchinson, 1960.
Humorous prehistoric fantasy novel. (Fantasy).

Lewis Roy. What We Did to Father, 1960.

Livingston Harold. The Climacticon, 1960.

Long Frank. Woman From Another Planet, 1960.

Lukens Adam. Conquest of Life, 1960.

Lymington John. The Giant Stumbles, 1960.

Lymington John. The Grey Ones, 1960.

Maine Charles. Calculated Risk, 1960.

Maine Charles. He Owned the World, 1960.

Maine Charles. Subterfuge, 1960.

Marshall Edison. Earth Giant, 1960.

McArthur John. Days in the Hay, 1960.

Merril Judith. Out of Bounds, 1960.

Merril Judith. The Tomorrow People, 1960.

Miller, Jr. Walter. The Canticle for Leibowitz. – Lippincott, 1960.
Hugo Award (1961).

Morrissey J., Levene Philip. The City of Hidden Eyes, 1960.

Nathan Robert. The Color of Evening, 1960.

Nathan Robert. The Weans, 1960.

Norton Andre. Shadow Hawk, 1960.

Norton Andre. The Sioux Spaceman, 1960.

Norton Andre. Storm over Warlock, 1960.

Nourse Alan. Star Surgeon, 1960.

Oliver Chad(wick). Unearthly Neighbours, 1960.

Owen Dean. The Brides of Dracula, 1960.

Owen Dean. Konga, 1960.

Pangborn Edgar. The Good Neighbors: Short Story // Galaxy. – 1960. – Jun.

Pohl Frederik. Drunkard's Walk. – Ballantine Books, 1960.

Pohl Frederik. The Man Who Ate the World. – Ballantine, 1960.

Pohl Frederik. Slave Ship. – Dobson, 1960.

Possible Worlds of Science Fiction / Ed. by Groff Conklin. – Berkley, 1960.

Powys John. All or Nothing, 1960.

Pratt Fletcher. Invaders from Rigel, 1960.

Price Stanley. Crusading for Kronk, 1960.

Queffelec Henri. Frontier of the Unknown, 1960.

Roberts Lionel. The Face of X, 1960.

Roberts Lionel. The In-World, 1960.

Schmitz James. Agent of Vega, 1960.

The Science-Fictional Sherlock Holmes / Ed. by Council of Four. – Council of Four, 1960.

Serling Rod(man). Stories from the Twilight Zone, 1960.

Sharkey Jack. The Secret Martians, 1960.

Sheckley Robert. Notions: Unlimited, 1960.

Sheckley Robert. The Status Civilization, 1960.

Sheckley Robert. Store of Infinity, 1960.

Silverberg Robert. Lost Race of Mars, 1960.

Simak Clifford. The Worlds of Clifford Simak. – Simon & Schuster, 1960.

Six Great Short Science Fiction Novels / Ed. by Groff Conklin. – Dell, 1960.

Slesar Henry. Doctor: Vignette // Playboy. – 1960. – Jun.

Smith Clark. The Abominations of Yondo. – Arkham House, 1960.

Smith E. The Vortex Blaster, 1960.

St. Clair Margaret. The Games of Neith, 1960.

Stanton Paul. Village of Stars, 1960.

Star of Stars / Ed. by Frederik Pohl. – Penzler, 1960.

Sturgeon Theodore. Beyond. – Avon, 1960. – 157 pp. (pb).

Sturgeon Theodore. Venus Plus X. – Pyramid, 1960.

Sturgeon Theodore, Ward Don. The Man Who Figured Everything // EQMM. – 1960. – Jan.

Sutton Jeff. Spacehive, 1960.

Swann Thomas. Wonder & Wimsy: The Fantastic World of Christina Rossetti. – M. Jones, 1960. (Non-fiction).

Tales To Be Told in the Dark / Ed. by Basil Davenport. – Ballantine, 1960.

Tall Short Stories / Ed. by Eric Duthie. – Ace, 1960.

The Third Ghost Book / Ed. by Cynthia Asquith. – Pan, 1960. (Ghost).

Thomas Martin. Bred to Kill, 1960.

Thorpe Trebor. Fave Faces of Fear, 1960.

Thorpe Trebor. Lightning World, 1960.

Torro Pel. Frozen Planet, 1960.

Torro Pel. World of the Gods, 1960.

Trevor Elleston. The Mind of Max Duvine, 1960.

Tucker Wilson. To the Tombaugh Station, 1960.

Valentine Victor. Cure for Death, 1960.

Vance Jack. Tschai: the Planet of Adventure. – (Planet of Adventure).

Vidal Gore. Visit to a Small Planet, 1960.

Walters Hugh. Operation Columbus, 1960.

West Wallace. Lords of Atlantis, 1960.

Williams Robert. To the End of Time, 1960.

Williams Robert. World of the Masterminds, 1960.

Wilson Richard. 30 Day Wonder, 1960.

Wilson Richard. And Then the Town Took Off, 1960.

Wyndham John. The Trouble With Lichen. – Michael Joseph, 1960.