Библиография фантастики: 2008


Galina Maria. From Extracting the Root / Translated from the Russian by David Stromberg // Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture (New York). – 2008. – Spring/Summer. – P. 30-34.
[Галина Мария. Из цикла «Извлечение корня»]


History of Humanity: Scientific and Cultural Development. Volume VII. The Twentieth Century / Edited by Sarvepalli Gopal, Sergei L. Tikhvinsky; Co-edited by I.A.Abu-Lughod, G.Weinberg, I.D.Thiam, W.Tao. – Paris: UNESCO; London und New York: Routledge, 2008. – 901 pp. ISBN 978-92-3-104083-2 (UNESCO); ISBN 978-0-415-09311-8.
P. 394: At the end of the 1950s, the Sputnik era, science fiction became a very popular genre, enabling authors, whose works very often circulated underground, to express their condemnations of oppression more freely. For wxample, I. Efremov's Tumannost Andromedy (The Nebula of Andromeda, 1957); or Lezvie britvy (The Razor's Edge, 1963), and Ulitka na sklone (The Snail on the Slope, 1966) by the brothers A. and B. Strugatsky.
P. 597: Stanislaw Lem became famous for his science fiction.


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