Библиография фантастики: 1951

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      Curious Adventure of Mr. Bond.
      Stanley Hutchinson.
      The Six.
      I and My Wife Isobel.
      The Spurs.
      Dearh's Door.
      Gertie MacNamara.
      The Invalid.
      Out of Leading-Strings.
      Mrs. Sayce's Guy.
      Expectation of Life.
      A Passage in the Life of Dr. Wilks.
      The Strange Disappearance of Monsieur Charbo.
      The Thorn.
      One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.
      Aimless Afternoon.
      The Announcement.
      The Life and Death of the Princess Gertrude.

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      P. 9-66: The Toymaker.
      P. 67-102: The Model Shop.
      P. 103-136: Deadly Host.
      P. 137-172: Utility.
      P. 173-238: Forecast.
      P. 239-287: The Children's Room.

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According to The Reference Library, Astounding, November 1951, this is a revised and expanded 3rd edition.

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Barron, Anatomy of Wonder 1987, *3-355.

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        P. 156-214: Clement Hal. Attitude.
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