Библиография фантастики: 1930

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Arlen Michael. Ghost Stories. – Collins, 1930.

Austin F. Tomorrow, 1930.

Beck (Mrs.) Lily. The Openers of the Gate. – Cosmopolitan, 1930.

Belloc Hilaire. The Man Who Made Gold, 1930.

Benet Laura. Goods and Chattels. – Doubleday, 1930.

Blackwood Algernon. Short Stories of A.Blackwood. – Harrap, 1930.

Blair Hamish. 1957, 1930.

Bradford Roark. Ol' King David an' the Philistine Boys, 1930.

Burroughs Edgar. Tanar of Pellucidar, 1930.

Burroughs Edgar. Tarzan at the Earth's Core, 1930. – (Tarzan. 15).

Coblentz Stanton. Shadows on a Wall, 1930.

Cummings Ray. The Sea Girl, 1930.

Cummings Ray. Tarrano the Conqueror, 1930.

De La Mare Walter. On the Edge, 1930.

Deeping Warwick. The Short Stories of Warwick Deeping, 1930.

Dennis Geoffrey. The End of the World, 1930.

Du Bois Theodora. The Devil's Spoon, 1930.

Eldrige Paul. Salome: The Wandering Jewess, 1930.

Endore Guy. The Man from Limbo, 1930.

Ewers Hans. Blood, 1930.

Fifty Strangest Stories Ever Told / Ed. by Anonymous. – Odhams, 1930.

Foster George. The Lost Garden, 1930.

Gail Otto. By Rocket to the Moon, 1930.

Gail Otto. The Stone From the Moon, 1930.

Goodchild George. The Emperor of Hallelujah Island, 1930.

Haggard H. Belshazzar, 1930.

Hamilton Edmond. The Man Who Saw the Future: Short Story // Amazing. – 1930. – Oct.

Hering Henry. Adventures and Fantasy, 1930.

John Jasper. Sinister Stories, 1930.

Kafka Franz. The Castle, 1930.

Kline Otis. Maza of the Moon, 1930.

Kline Otis. The Prince of Peril, 1930.

Leslie Shane. A Ghost on the Isle of Wight, 1930.

MacIsaac Fred. The Mental Marvel, 1930.

Miles. The Seventh Bowl, 1930.

Moxley F. Red Snow, 1930.

Newman Bernard. The Cavalry Goes Through, 1930.

Newton W. The Golden Cat, 1930.

Owen Frank. The Purple Sea, 1930.

Rohmer Sax. The Day the World Ended, 1930.

Saki. The Complete Short Stories of Saki, 1930.

Seamark. The Avenging Ray, 1930.

Snell Edmund. The White Owl, 1930.

Stapledon Olaf. Last and First Men, 1930.

Stone Leslie. When the Sun Went Out, 1930.

Strang Herbert. The Heir of a Hundred Kings, 1930.

Taine John. The Iron Star. – Dutton, 1930.

Tales That Enthrall / Ed. by Arnold Dawson. – Richard, 1930.

Waugh Evelyn. Vile Bodies, 1930.

Williams Charles. War in Heaven, 1930.

Williamson Jack, Breuer Miles. The Girl from Mars, 1930.

Wylie Philip. The Gladiator. – Knopf, 1930.