Библиография фантастики: 1926

Appleton Victor. The Movie Boys under Fire. – Garden City Movie Boys Ser, 1926. (Historical).

Appleton Victor. Tom Swift and His Airline Express. – Grosset & Dunlap, 1926. – (Tom Swift).

Austin F. The War Gog Walks Again. – Doubleday, Page, 1926.

Beck Lily. Dreams and Delights. – Dodd Mead, 1926.

Begouen Max. Bison of Clay, 1926.

Bennett Alfred. The Sea of Sleep, 1926.

Benson A. Basil Netherby. – Hutchinson, 1926.

Burke Thomas. East of Mansion House, 1926.

Burroughs Edgar. The Mad King, 1926.

Burroughs Edgar. The Moon Maid, 1926.

Cabell James. The Silver Stallion: A Comedy of Redemption, 1926.

Coppard A. The Field of Mustard: Tales, 1926.

Crompton Richmal. Dread Dwelling, 1926.

De La Mare Walter. The Connoisseur and Other Stories, 1926.

Dent Guy. The Emperor of the If, 1926.

Desmond Shaw. Ragnarok, 1926.

Doyle Arthur. The Land of Mist, 1926.

Eddison E. Styrbiorn the Strong, 1926.

Farrere Claude. Useless Hands, 1926.

Fortune Dion. The Secrets of Dr.Taverner, 1926.

Fraser Ronald. The Flower Phantoms, 1926.

Ghosts Grim and Gentle / Ed. by Joseph Lewis French. – Dodd Mead, 1926.

Gompertz Martin. The Voice of Dashin, 1926.

Gunn Neil. Grey Coast, 1926.

Haggard H. Treasure of the Lake, 1926.

Haldane Charlotte. Man's World, 1926.

Halsbury Earl. 1944, 1926.

Housman Laurence. Ironical Tales, 1926.

Hughes Richard. A Moment of Time, 1926.

Hume Cyril. The Golden Dancer, 1926.

Hunting Gardner. The Vicarion, 1926.

Ince Richard. At the Sign of Sagittarius, 1926.

Jackson Charles. The Gold Point and Other Strange Stories, 1926.

Jacomb Charles. And a New Earth, 1926.

Jaeger Muriel. The Question Mark, 1926.

Knowles Vernon. Here and Otherwhere, 1926.

Lewis C. Dymer. – J.M.Dent & Sons, 1926. (Non-fiction).

Long Frank. A Man From Genoa and Other Poems, 1926.

Merritt Abraham. The Ship of Ishtar, 1926.

O'Duffy Eimar. King Goshawk and the Birds, 1926.

Phillpots Eden. Peacock House, 1926.

Phillpots Eden. The Miniature, 1926.

Reeve Arthur. Pandora, 1926.

Reeve Arthur. The Radio Detective, 1926.

Roger Noelle. The New Adam, 1926.

Service Robert. The Master of the Microbe, 1926.

Smith Thorne. Topper. – McBride & Co., 1926. (Fantasy).

Snell Edmund. The Yu-Chi Stone, 1926.

Spanner E. The Broken Trident, 1926.

Spanner E. The Naviators, 1926.

Stacpoole H. The City in the Sea, 1926.

Wallace Edgar. The Day of Uniting, 1926.

Wallace Edgar. The Door with Seven Locks, 1926.

Wharton Edith. Here and Beyond, 1926.