Библиография фантастики: 1933

Akers Dwight. The King's Mule. – Junior Library Guild, 1933. (Fantasy).

Alexander Robert. The Pendulum of Fate:Cosmic Glimpses of Past and Future, 1933.

Anton Ludwig. Interplanetary Bridges, 1933.

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Arlen Michael. Man's Mortality, 1933.

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Bell Neil. The Lord of Life, 1933.

Benson E. Monkeys: Short Story // Weird Tales. – 1933. – Dec.

Black Ladbroke. The Poison War, 1933.

Bronte Charlotte. Legends of Angria. – Oxford, 1933.

Burroughs Edgar. Tarzan and the City of Gold, 1933. – (Tarzan. 18).

Capek Karel. Fairy Tales, 1933.

Christie Agatha. The Hound of Death and Other Stories, 1933.

Claudy Carl. The Land of No Shadow, 1933.

Claudy Carl. The Mystery Men of Mars, 1933.

Claudy Carl. A Thousand Years a Minute, 1933.

Clouston J. Button Brains, 1933.

Collier John. Full Circle, A Tale, 1933.

Coppard A. Dunky Fitlow, 1933.

Creasey John. Men, Maids and Murder, 1933.

Edmonds Harry. Red Invader, 1933.

Edmonds Harry. Wind in the East, 1933.

Endore Guy. The Werewolf of Paris, 1933.

The Evening Standard Book of Best Short Stories / Ed. by Anonymous. – Seach Pub. [Denis Archer], 1933.

Garis Howard. Rocket Riders Across the Ice, 1933.

Garis Howard. Rocket Riders in Stormy Seas, 1933.

Garis Howard. Rocket Riders over the Desert, 1933.

Gloag John. The New Pleasure, 1933.

Harvey W. Moods and Tenses, 1933.

Herrick Robert. Sometime. – Farrar & Rinehart, 1933.

Hilton James. Lost Horizon, 1933.

Horrors / Ed. by Anonymous. – P.Allan, 1933. – (Creeps Library).

Houghton Claude. Julian Grant Loses His Way, 1933.

Hunter Norman. The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm, 1933.

Hyne C. Man's Understandind, 1933.

Jaeger Muriel. Hermes Speaks, 1933.

Kaul Fedor. Contagion to This World, 1933.

Kendall John. Unborn Tomorrow, 1933.

Lewis C. The Pilgrim's Regress. – J.M.Dent & Sons, 1933. (Non-fiction).

Mann Jack. Coulson Goes South, 1933.

Martens Paul. Death Rocks the Cradle, 1933.

Merritt Abraham. Burn, Witch, Burn!, 1933.

Newman Bernard. Hosanna, 1933.

Newton W. The Beggar and Other Stories, 1933.

Newton W. Dr. Odin, 1933.

Nightmares / Ed. by Anonymous. – P.Allan, 1933. – (Creeps Library).

O'Duffy Eimar. The Spacious Adventures of the Man in the Street, 1933.

Paye Robert. Julia Roseing Rave, 1933.

Priestley J. Albert Comes Through, 1933.

Quakes / Ed. by Anonymous. – P.Allan, 1933. – (Creeps Library).

Robeson Kenneth. The Man of Bronze, 1933.

Rohmer Sax. The Bride of Fu Manchu, 1933.

Schoedsacks Ernest. King Kong, 1933.

Shiel M. This Above All, 1933.

Sibson Francis. Unthinkable, 1933.

Sinclair Upton. I, Governor of California, and How I Ended Poverty, 1933.

Siodmak Kurt. F.P.I. Does Not Reply, 1933.

Sitwell Sir Osbert. Miracle on Sinai, 1933.

Smith Clark. The Double Shadow, 1933.

Snell Edmund. Blue Murder, 1933.

Snow Sir Charles. New Lives for Old. – A.C.McClurg & Co., 1933.

Terrors / Ed. by Anonymous. – P.Allan, 1933. – (Creeps Library).

Tweed Thomas. Gabriel Over the White House, 1933.

Wells H. The Shape of Things to Come, 1933.

Wheatley Dennis. Such Power is Dangerous, 1933.

White T. Darkness at Pemberley. – Century, 1933.

White T. Farewell Victoria. – Collins, 1933.

Williams Charles. Shadows of Ecstasy, 1933.

Wright S. Power, 1933.