Библиография фантастики: 1939

Barrett William. Flight from Youth, 1939.

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Benet Stephen. Tales Before Midnight. – Farrar Rinehart, 1939.

Bennett Alfred. The Demigods. – Jarrolds, 1939.

Bousfield H. The God With Four Arms and Other Stories. – Rich Cowan, 1939.

Burroughs Edgar. Carson of Venus, 1939.

Burroughs Edgar. Tarzan the Magnificent, 1939. – (Tarzan. 25).

Chadwick P. The Death Guard, 1939.

Chalker Jack. Children of Flux and Anchor. – TOR. – (Soul Rider. 5).

Clouston J. The Man in Steel, 1939.

Corbett James. The Ghost Plane, 1939.

Cox Erle. Fool's Harvest, 1939.

Creasey John. Panic!, 1939.

Finney Charles. Past the End of the Pavement, 1939.

Foster George. We Band of Brothers, 1939.

Fraser Ronald. Miss Lucifer, 1939.

Hecht Ben. A Book of Miracles, 1939.

Huxley Aldous. After Many a Summer, 1939.

Hyams Edward. The Wings of the Morning, 1939.

Hyne C. Wishing Smith, 1939.

Jacks L. The Last Legend of Smokeover, 1939.

Large Ernest. Asleep in the Afternoon, 1939.

Lewis C. The Personal Heresy: A Controversy with E.M.W.Tillyard. – Oxford UP, 1939. (Non-fiction).

Lewis C. Rehabilitation, and Other Essays. – Oxford UP, 1939. (Non-fiction).

Lovecraft H. The Outsider and Others. – Arkham House, 1939.

Lovecraft H. The Shadow out of Time. – Arkham House, 1939.

Mann Jack. The Ninth Life, 1939.

Marvell Andrew. Congratulate the Devil, 1939.

Marvell Andrew. Three Men Make a World, 1939.

Meredith James. The Rainbow in the Valley, 1939.

Newton W. Savaran and the Great Sands, 1939.

O'Brien Flann. At Swim-Two-Birds, 1939.

Oppenheim E. Exit a Dictator, 1939.

Phillpots Eden. Tabletop, 1939.

Priestley J. Johnson Over Jordan, 1939.

Rohmer Sax. Salute to Bazarada and Other Stories, 1939.

Sherriff R. The Hopkins Manuscript, 1939.

Sloane William. The Edge of Running Up, 1939.

Stuart Don. Cloak of Aesir: [Short Story] // Astounding. – 1939. – Mar.

Walsh J. The Secret of the Crater, 1939.

Weinbaum Stanley. The New Adam, 1939.

Wells H. The Holy Terror, 1939.

Wheatley Dennis. Sixty Days to Live, 1939.

White Ared. Attack on America, 1939.

White T. Burke's Steerage; or, The Amateur Gentleman's Introduction to Noble Sports and Pastimes. – Putnam, 1939. (Non-fiction).

White T. The Sword in the Stone. – Putnam, 1939. – (Arthur. 1). (Fantasy).

White T. The Witch in the Wood. – Putnam, 1939. – (Arthur. 2). (Fantasy).