Библиография фантастики: 1944

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Ayre Thornton. The Golden Amazon, 1944.

Benet Stephen. The Short Stories of Stephen Vincent Benet-A Selection. – Armed, 1944.

Beresford J. The Riddle of the Tower, 1944.

Burke Thomas. Dark Nights, 1944.

Burroughs Edgar. Land of Terror, 1944.

Chase James. Miss Shumway Waves a Wand, 1944.

Creasey John. Dangerous Quest, 1944.

Creasey John. Dark Peril, 1944.

Cross John. The Other Passenger, 1944.

Dell Jeffrey. News for Heaven, 1944.

Desmond Shaw. Black Dawn, 1944.

Famous Ghost Stories / Ed. by Bennett Cerf. – Modern Library, 1944.

Fisher Vardis. The Golden Rooms, 1944.

Gilbert Stephen. The Landslide, 1944.

Gloag John. 99%, 1944.

Graves Robert. The Golden Fleece, 1944.

Gunn Neil. The Green Isle of the Great Deep, 1944.

Heard H. The Great Fog and Other Weird Tales, 1944.

James M. The Best Ghost Stories of M.R.James, 1944.

James M. Selected Ghost Stories of M.R.James, 1944.

Kersh Gerald. The Horrible Dummy and Other Stories, 1944.

Law Winifred. Through Space to the Planets, 1944.

Lewis C. Beyond Personality: The Christian Idea of God. – Geoffrey Bles, 1944. (Non-fiction).

Linklater Eric. Crisis in Heaven, 1944.

Linklater Eric. The Wind on the Moon, 1944.

Lovecraft H. Marginalia. – Arkham House, 1944. (Non-fiction).

Marlow Louis. The Devil in Crystal, 1944.

McClary Thomas. Rebirth, 1944.

Meek S. Arctic Bridge, 1944.

More Tales of Terror and Surprise / Ed. by Anonymous. – Mitre, 1944.

Out of This World / Ed. by Julius Fast. – Penguin, 1944.

Pause to Wonder / Ed. by Marjorie Fischer, Rolfe Humphries. – J.Messner, 1944.

Rose F. The Night of the World, 1944.

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Sleep No More / Ed. by August W. Derleth. – Armed, 1944.

Sleep No More / Ed. by August W. Derleth. – Rinehart, 1944.

Smith Clark. Lost Worlds. – Arkham House, 1944.

Stanford J. The Twelfth, 1944.

Stapledon Olaf. Old Man in a New World, 1944.

Stapledon Olaf. Sirius, 1944.

Wandrei Donald. The Eye and the Finger, 1944.

Wylie Philip. Night Unto Night, 1944.