Библиография фантастики: 1917

Abdullah Achmed. The Blue-Eyed Manchu. – Shores, 1917.

Appleton Victor. Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders. – Grosset & Dunlap, 1917. – (Tom Swift).

Austin F. Battlewrack, 1917.

Baum L. The Lost Princess of Oz. – Reilly & Lee, 1917. (Fantasy).

Blackwood Algernon. Day and Night Stories. – Dutton, 1917.

Burroughs Edgar. A Princess of Mars, 1917.

Burroughs Edgar. The Son of Tarzan, 1917. – (Tarzan. 5).

Cabell James. The Cream of the Jest: A Comedy of Evasions, 1917.

Chambers Robert. The Dark Star, 1917.

Conrad Joseph. The Shadow Line, 1917.

Dehan Richard. Under the Hermes, and Other Stories, 1917.

Gratacap Louis. The End: How the Great War was Stopped, 1917.

Haggard H. Finished, 1917.

Machen Arthur. The Terror: A Fantasy, 1917.

Mitchell John. Drowsy, 1917.

Reeve Arthur. Atavar, 1917.

Reeve Arthur. The Diamond Queen, 1917.

Reeve Arthur. The Treasure Train, 1917.

Rohmer Sax. The Si-Fan Mysteries, 1917.

Rousseau Victor. The Messiah of the Cylinder, 1917.

Wells H. The Soul of a Bishop, 1917.