Библиография фантастики: 1906

Baum L. John Dough and the Cherub. – Reilly & Lee, 1906. (Fantasy).

Blackwood Algernon. The Empty House. – E.Nash, 1906.

Chambers Robert. The Tracer of Lost Persons, 1906.

Cole Robert. His Other Self, 1906.

Day (Mrs.) Frank. The Princess of Manoa and Other Romantic Tales..., 1906.

Dunsany Lord. Time and the Gods, 1906.

Ewald Carl. Two-Legs, 1906.

Gratacap Louis. A Woman of the Ice Age, 1906.

Griffith George. The Great Weather Syndicate, 1906.

Griffith George. The Mummy and Miss Nitrocris, 1906.

Gull Ranger. The Soul-Stealer, 1906.

Haggard H. Benita, an African Romance, 1906.

Heath Thomas. Tales in Prose and Verse and Dramas, 1906.

Hernaman-Johnson Francis. The Polyphemes: A Story of Strange Adventures, 1906.

Kipling Rudyard. Puck of Pook's Hill, 1906.

London Jack. Moon-Face and Other Stories, 1906.

Parry David. The Scarlet Empire, 1906.

Pemberton Max. The Diamond Ship, 1906.

Shiel M. The Last Miracle, 1906.

Stables Gordon. The City at the Pole, 1906.

Stables Gordon. The Meteor Flag of England, 1906.

Sutphen van. The Doomsmen, 1906.

Thorne Guy. Made in His Image, 1906.

Wells H. In the Days of the Comet, 1906.