Библиография фантастики: 1900

Astor W. Pharaoh's Daughter and Other Stories. – Macmillan, 1900.

Baum L. A New Wonderland. – A.C.McClurg & Co., 1900. (Fantasy).

Baum L. The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo, 1900.

Baum L. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, 1900.

Boyle Virginia. Devil Tales. – Harper, 1900.

Capes Bernard. From Door to Door, 1900.

Cole Robert. The Struggle for Empire; A Story of the Year 2236, 1900.

Crane Walter. Odd Tales, 1900.

Crisp Cassius. An Enchanted Ghost and Other Stories, 1900.

Dryasdust. Tales of the Wonder Club II, 1900.

Dryasdust. Tales of the Wonder Club III, 1900.

Guthrie Thomas. The Brass Bottle, 1900.

Haggard H. Black Heart and White Heart and Other Stories, 1900.

Haggard H. Elissa: The Doom of Zimbabwe, 1900.

Hichens Robert. Tongues of Conscience, 1900.

Hyne C. The Lost Continent, 1900.

Malet Lucas. The Gateless Barrier. – A.C.McClurg & Co., 1900. (Horror).

Marsh Richard. Marvels and Mysteries. – A.C.McClurg & Co., 1900. (Horror).

Nesbit Edith. The Book of Dragons. – The Lost City of Zork, 1900. (Fantasy).

Nesbit Edith. The Last of the Dragons and Some Others, 1900.

Newcomb Simon. His Wisdom, the Defender, 1900.

Serviss Garrett. The Moon Metal, 1900.

Stark Harriet. The Bacillus of Beauty, 1900.

Traill Henry. The New Lucian. – A.C.McClurg & Co., 1900. (Fantasy).

Verne Jules. The Castle of the Carpathians. – Saalfield, 1900.

White Fred. The White Battalions, 1900.