Библиография фантастики: 1894

Astor John. A Journey in Other Worlds, 1894.

Bangs John. The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall. – Harper, 1894.

Barr Robert. The Face and the Mask, 1894.

Bierbower Austin. From Monkey to Man, 1894.

Bouve Edward. Centuries Apart, 1894.

Chamberlain Henry. 6000 Tons of Gold. – Flood and Vincent, 1894.

Crawford F. The Upper Berth, 1894.

Doyle Arthur. Round the Red Lamp, 1894.

Fawcett E. Swallowed by an Earthquake, 1894.

Ford James. Hypnotic Tales and Other Tales, 1894.

Gilchrist Robert. The Stone Dragon and Other Tragic Romances, 1894.

Griffith George. Olga Romanoff, 1894.

Haggard H. The People of the Mist, 1894.

Harben Will. The Land of the Changing Sun. – Merriam, 1894.

Hertzka Theodor. A Visit to Freeland; or, The New Paradise Regained, 1894.

Howells William. A Traveller From Altruria, 1894.

Jenks Tudor. Imaginations: Truthless Tales, 1894.

Jones Charlotte. The Hypnotic Experiment of Dr.Reeves and Other Stories, 1894.

Kernahan Coulson. A Book of Strange Sins, 1894.

Le Queux William. The Great War in England in 1897, 1894.

Machen Arthur. The Great God Pan and the Inmost Light, 1894.

Oliver Frederick. A Dweller on Two Planets. – A.C.McClurg & Co., 1894. (Fantasy).

Paine A. The Mystery of Evelin Delorme, 1894.

Pope Gustavus. Journey into Mars, 1894.

Twain Mark. The Comedy of Those Extraordinsry Twins. – A.C.McClurg & Co., 1894. (Humor).

Twain Mark. Tom Sawyer Abroad. – A.C.McClurg & Co., 1894.